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Head Start to Aviation Program

This is an aviation introduction course for youth ages ( 9 – 13 ).  Students will learn about the aviation world and what it has to offer.  They will learn about aviation weather, types of aircraft and airplane parts, how airplanes fly, aviation jobs, pilot language, and visit an airport.


Head Start to Aviation Summer Camp 

July 12, 2021 thru July 16, 2021

Limited to 8 students


Brief description:

Class will cover an Introduction to Aviation History, teams will build a drone which will teach beginners the joy of flying. It is designed to develop skills in teamwork activities, eye-hand coordination and a variety of disciplines in and out of the classroom.  They will be introduced to aviation cross-country navigation using sectional charts. This will prepare them for a trip to the airport, if weather permits. They also will be provided time on the flight simulator designed to spark an interest in aviation and STEM.









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