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The goal of the Youth Aeronautics Educational Foundation program is to pique youth interest in STEM education by providing them opportunities in flight school and other activities that build self-confidence and team building skills.  Our founding purpose is to close the gap among youth who would not have these opportunities if it were not for YAEF volunteers, community organizations, and generous contributions from sponsors and businesses.      


We have served hundreds of youth through our aeronautical programs with the support of community.  Our programs have impacted children’s lives for the better and strengthened our local communities. 

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1st Place -Team Fulcrum

Women's Flight

2nd Place - DroneUp

                           In loving memory of 1st Lt. Lloyd Shults

                                    June 16, 1920 - December 1, 2020


1st Lt. Lloyd Shults, Tuskegee Airman was an inspiration to Founders Samuel and Marilyn Billings when they incorporated the Youth Aeronautics Educational Foundation (YAEF) in 2008. He made a special trip to Williamsburg, VA in October 2012 to pin gold bars on students striving to become Private Pilots. He also attended the FAA Award Ceremony where YAEF was recognized by the FAA for its efforts in Aviation and Space Education. I could always call 1st Lt. Shults for his wisdom and advice. He will be greatly missed.


                  If you care to make a donation in memory of Tuskegee Airman 1st Lt. Shults

                                                       Please click here

The Youth Aeronautical Educational Foundation is sincerely honored to be recipients of these prestigious awards. They symbolize the hundreds of youth that participated in YAEF's Aeronautical STEM Programs.  Our accomplishments are the results of students, volunteers and supporters trust in our leadership. We thank you for your energy and dedication that you bring to the program.


2017 FAA Regional Office External Award

Congressional Medal of Honor

2019 NCASE/Strickler Crown Circle

National Office Award

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